Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lessons I learned from my Destiny

Last year at this time, I was care-taking for my elderly dog Destiny. I write about her and think about her often, because she was a wise soul that knew alot about life... not just life - but living Consciously. Conscious Living is a concept that I put to practice in my own life... but its something that doesn't come as naturally to me, as it did to Destiny. My dogs are my teachers - I learned from Destiny, just as I now learn from my new pup Lexi - Life is Good.

Destiny was diagnosed with CRF (Chronic Renal Failure) in the Spring of 2008. Our last summer together was a summer filled with creating memories. In between her sub-q fluid treatments, vet visits, and countless medications she had to take - we enjoyed life. We lived a golden moment - life slowed down. It was a chance for me to really acknowledge the friendship we had, to celebrate the love we were given, and to thank the Universe for every special day.

If Destiny taught me nothing else... its to take one precious day at a time... and live that day as if it were your last.

I am currently reading "Marley & Me" Life and Love with the worlds worst dog... by John Grogan. If any of you chose to read it - prepare yourself by having a box of tissues nearby... especially towards the end of the book.

As Marley got older, he still exhibited his puppy like behaviors, and never lost his quirky spirit... but he got older.. romps in the fields, racing up stairs, and being well - dog-like ... got far and few between. In the book Marley had good days, he had bad days... he had good moments, and bad moments. The older he got, the more precious the good moments got, and his owner, John noticed himself becoming more aware and conscious about his own observances of Marleys aging... and how each moment of his own mid-life was worth noting as precious and fleeting.

And I can relate to every word as I watched my Girl transform from a baby puppy, to bratty adolescent, to calmer adult, to set-in-her-ways senior, and finally one day unlatched her leash her for good .. and the wisdom she taught me is beyond what I could have learned without her. Her determination and will is something I wish to emulate in my own life. The following are life lessons that she has taught me.

  • Bound out the door every day! There are adventures and discoveries to be made right in your own back yard!
  • Smile at strangers first, question their intentions later - everyone you meet has the potential to be your friend.
  • Mud puddles are meant to be stomped through - you can always take a bath later.
  • play hard, nap often.
  • Eat with gusto and delight!
  • Its not how you play the game, its how much noise you make playing it!
  • Be proud of small accomplishments. Today its a flight of stairs, tomorrow it might be a steep mountain, the next it could be a amiable path.
  • No pain, no sore hips, no aching bones should keep you from a good game of stick.
  • Determination and tenacity will get you across rough waters.
  • Get down and dirty! Nothing is more pleasurable than getting wet, muddy, and rolling in the grass...
  • When someone offers you a drink of cool water, it is a gift of love and adoration
  • Even if your eyes get cloudy - they are the windows to your soul... speak through them.
  • Sometimes your only purpose in life is to be there... and to be a friend.
  • Be excited when you see your loved ones!
  • Notice and delight in everything nature has to offer - its the key to ecstasy
  • There is no place like home
  • Its ok to get assistance from others
  • Keep a vast and wide variety of friends...

What moments can you fetch today?