Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Name for my Coaching Business

Hi folks!

Yes, it's true - I will be soon changing my name of my coaching business to ..... well... something else. It's rather bittersweet, but it's a part of growing up and becoming who I trully want to be - I want to be able to grow my company to better serve my clients, and because "Open Door" is Federally Trademarked by someone else, I won't be able to grow with this name.

You know, this isn't the first time this has happened to me. No... I've never had to change my business name before (I wish I had more experience than what I have now) ... but I have had to change MY name - twice. Once when I got married, and once when I got divorced.

I have to admit, I didn't want to change my name when I got married. I rather like my last name - Hansen. It's strong, it's proud, and it boasts of my Danish heritage. My father used to always say that your name was something valuable, something to protect. A good name is what got you recognized for your talents - or ousted for your "reputation".... I always was proud of my GOOD name.

My Dad named me, as a matter of fact. You see, my sister's name is Becky, and my brother's name is Brian. According to my mother - I was supposed to be another B-name... like Bethany, or Bertha. When I was born, back on a hot summer day at the end of August... 37 years ago.. my mother was recovering (you see, this was back when they doped mothers up and they had their babies ummm... "blissfully") and my father came in from the hayfields late in the day to see me. The nurses saw my father and said "Well, Mr. Hansen, while your wife is sleeping, you can fill out the birth certificate... " and my father dutifully obliged.

A little while later, they wheeled my bassinet in beside my mother... my mother looked up and said "Priscilla Ann?" Who the heck is that?!

I love the story of how I got my name, only because my father wells with pride when he tells the story... and yes, it gets more convoluted and exaggerated every time he tells it... but it has the same message... he is so proud of my name. "I gave you a beautiful name - Priscilla" and I agree, I get told that again and again when introducing myself to people.

So names mean alot to me, and I am carefully choosing a name that will represent my business well, and one that I will be proud to share to the world. In the meantime, my door is still open. I am still here to answer your questions, and get you through any challenges you may be having, so be sure to call on me - Priscilla Ann Hansen - that's my name.