Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Play Ball! Is Your Seasonal Business Ready to Get in the Game?

Are you a small business owner whose business is coming out of hibernation?  Many small businesses in Maine are seasonally run, depending on the sun, summer, and tourists for their prosperity.  Many businesses operate year round, but find their "busy season" is summer - such as DJ's, photographers, landscapers, and restaurant owners.

So how do you make the transition from downtime to showtime?  For some, the swing can be pendulous, and it takes all your energy to get back into the game. 

My Dad ran a seasonal business - a family farm.  Every year, while the fields were still blanketed in white, I would watch him pull out the Johnny Seed Catalog, and a map of the field.  He would carefully plot out what he wanted his yield of harvest to be, and how many seeds he would order as a result.  The key to success for my father's seasonal business was careful PLANNING.

My friend Nick runs a successful landscaping company. 
He starts contacting his condo andcommercial owners in February and March, asking them how their winter went, and if all their needs were met..  He corrects any issues that may come up, and he makes sure they are satisfied before launching into a new season.  Nicks key to success of running a  seasonal business is COMMUNICATION.

Michael owns and operates a Event DJ & Entertainment business.  All winter, he networks with other DJ's, vendors and venues and fosters strong working relationships that will make working together under pressure easier and more fun.  By building a strong network of wedding industry vendors, he provides his brides top-notch referrals and becomes a trusted resource.  Michaels key to success of running a seasonal business is RELATIONSHIPS.

Are you game ready?  If not, no worries - you don't have to go it alone.  In six weeks, you can learn all the basics for attracting clients, fostering relationships, and getting prepped for the big leagues.  Register for my "Six Week Business Tele-CHAT" and you will be ready to knock it out of the park!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Cup of Healing ... Coffee with the Masters - Bambi Thompson

When I originally set up a coffee date with Bambi Thompson, a Non-Medication Anxiety Specialist... I have to admit... I was skeptical.   I am not a big follower of metaphysical healing, or what I affectionately call "Woo-Woo" Coaching... but something told me I needed to meet this woman and learn why she is referred to as a "A Master of Transformation."

 We met at Coffee By Design in Freeport in the LL Bean Flagship store.  She said her favorite place to sit was near the rocks because it was peaceful.  My first notion was even in the midst of shoppers, coffee drinkers, and the hub-bub of a very busy location, Bambi still managed to find a corner of the cafe that provided peace and tranquility. I was later to realize that it is Bambi herself who carries peace and tranquility with her every where she goes. 
As we chatted I discovered not only am I not into "Woo-woo" coaching or "manifesting your destiny" nonsense... neither is Bambi.  Quite the opposite in fact.  Educated as an occupational therapist and deeply studied in quantum physics, neurophysiology, and bio-science, I was soon learned there was nothing "woo-woo" about what Bambi does to transform her clients mental, emotional and physical states to the core of their being at the cellular level.  My analytical and logical coaching mind was very impressed - and relieved.

As she sipped her tea, Bambi enthusiastically told me about her story.  At one time, she was not the bubbly, cool and collected, humorous and irreverent woman sitting before me.  She once suffered raging panic disorder - ravaged by anxiety attacks.  Her only refuge was pills and therapy... but as she explained "No one was there to console me at 3am when I needed it most"...

"How did you discover you had a gift for healing?" I asked. 

"I became a friends 'chemo-buddy'" Bambi reflected  "I would go with my friend to her cancer treatments..."    Her friend told her that the chemo-treatments were her favorite part of having cancer - because she got to sit with Bambi for those hours.  Her friend told her "You should do this for a living".... and after a while, it came to be that Bambi discovered she had a gift of not only helping others heal, but she also learned she could heal herself.  More importantly, she learned she could teach others to heal themselves.
Coffee By Design - Freeport, ME
Bambi shared a technique she discovered that helps women who have had children bring peace and calm into their bodies within minutes.  She tells them to connect with the memory of the 3 AM breast-feedings - where the world is asleep and it's only she and her beautiful baby bonding, loving, and touching.  They are to remember the tactile sensations, the smells, the sounds...every aspect of it that they can re-call.  In this experience, the brain doesn't know the difference between reality or fiction and so the body immediately begins to shift into the energetic and emotional state of that peaceful and blissful time.  Her clients immediately report that their bodies relax, their thoughts slow down, the anxiety or stress melts away, and they feel grounded and peaceful and full of love.

photo credit:123RF Stock Photos
At first, Bambi didn't know WHY it worked, she only knew that she had a gift to bring anyone suffering from illness, anxiety, depression, and un-ease to a state of health, vitality and calm.  She was offered an explaination when she attended a nueroscience seminar, and a doctor confirmed the body can be tricked by the mind. If you tell your body something is true, it believes you, and "the bar-tender of the brain" gives you a chemical cocktail of what ever is needed for coping or survival. "Every emotion has a different chemical component" she explained. In the case of the mother visualizing a 3am feeding, her brain released oxytocin - also known as "the hormone of love".  When you are able to ask your brain to release the chemical needed for calm, stress relief and meta-physical healing, you become a very powerful self-healer.... and Bambi can show you how.

Bambi being a very savvy business woman not only provides her gifts to clients through face-to-face sessions, but has created a downloadable home study course  so she can be with you at 3am, when you need her the most - a need she had when she went through her bouts of anxiety attacks years ago, that she now provides for her clients.

Bambi brings all her gifts to a healing session so that your mind is opened through every portal possible.  She brings her gifts of intuition, compassion, knowledge, and most importantly, her gift of music.  Bambi's piano music is created divinely just for you during an energy healing session.  She doesn't use sheet music, it is not rehearsed, nor does she know exactly where it comes from.  "I've tried to replicate (my music) by having sheet music print while I played - but when I went back to read it - I couldn't -  despite being an accomplished musician who has read sheet music for years"

As I sat and listened to her share with me her gifts, I marveled that she didn't come across as bragging.  Her demeanor was that of an old friend - her language was candid - often throwing in a cuss or two - making her humor and irreverence shine.  I felt so comfortable in her presence. She wasn't being boastful, or even implying that she had something no one else had.  She was actually quite surprised and amazed she had this ability - "It's some amazing shit right?!" she beamed... and I whole heartedly agreed.  Amazing shit indeed. 

"So Bambi, what do you think your keys to your success have been?"

Eyes sparkling at the opportunity to share .. the teacher in Bambi took over as she answered.  "Tools.  Tools are HUGE.  I teach people the tools so they can transform themselves.  Secondly, my key to success is my music.... My music is my biggest gift I bring.  And most of all - ME - I am my brand.  When people hear my story, and when they see me now, they fully understand the power of the mind"

The keys to success, according to Bambi Thompson, are the gifts you are blessed with, and your ability to recognize them, accept them, embrace them... and most importantly - share them with the world.

At the end of our time together, Bambi  with brought  out her iPad and played a piece of her music.  Every note comes through her in an unexplained, Divine way...

Take 2.54 minutes to listen... and get to know Bambi as I did in the two hours I spent sharing a cup of coffee with her - she is Divine, she is a powerful, humorous, beautiful energy.   She is a Master of Healing, a Master of expressing her gifts, a Master of Transformation.  Give her a call, and she will inspire you to be a Master too.

"A Cup of Healing" is an installment of  the "Coffee with the Masters." Series.   If you are a business owner in the Greater Portland Area who would like to chat over cup of coffee to share your keys to success and how to reach your Key Potential - please contact me.  I'm buying!