Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Working on Your Fitness

Having grown up, and lived in Maine my entire life, I know a lot of small business owners who have seasonal businesses that ramp up in the summer.  DJ's, photographers, landscapers, farmers, retail shop owners, restaurants owners to name a few.  

From my experience, I have seen first hand the effects of not working in a balanced plan of nutrition, proper exercise and self care, and downtime to offset the effects of a busy rush time.  Working 12-15 hour days to get the job done, or "make hay while the sun shines," can take a toll on your body.  I have also learned that with proper planning, you can have healthy snacks, plan time for activity, and have the energy to not only service your clients, but spend time with friends and family.  Want to learn how?

In May, I will be sponsoring some events that focus on small business owner health, well being, and time management, and I hope you can join me for as many events as possible.  Summer will be here before we know it - it's time to get game ready!

MAY 8TH, 2013 - "Healthy Happy Hour" - Jessica Champagne Story will be hosting a special evening to teach 8 special VIP Business Owners how to:

 This is a special "by-invitation" only event - click HERE for more information.

MAY 9TH, 2013  "Seasonal Business Survival Tips" - Free Tele-CHAT for Business Owners -
If you are a small business owner whose peak season is the summer months, you will not want to miss this call.  You will learn tips and solutions to:
  • Stay hydrated, nourished and rested 
  • Maintain your energy 
  • Stay focused 
  • Organize your schedule to meet demands from family, friends, and clients!
Click HERE to register!

MAY 1ST - MAY 31ST - Free "Life Balance" assessment and action planning - regularly valued at $99.00 (1 hour phone-only session)
Schedule a complimentary "Life Balance" assessment to review where you are "off kilter" and learn some immediate action steps you can take to bring yourself back to alignment.  Includes a followup call, 2 weeks of email guidance and ability to access the "private client" website for even more support.   Click HERE to schedule

NEXT MONTH - June's "Coffee with the Master's" highlighted business owner makes you feel awesome - even when your life's a mess and you're under stress - so stay tuned!

How are you getting ramped up for your busy season?  What has worked for you? I'd love to hear from you!

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