Monday, May 6, 2013

A Cup of Awesome, with Jennie, from Blossom... Coffee with the Masters - Jennie Stancu

When I saw her posts on Facebook announcing her new health and wellness coaching programs, I knew my next Coffee with the Masters interview needed to be with Jennie Stancu of Blossom Massage.  After all, I know the power that coaching provides for my business clients, but I was intrigued to know how Jennie was using coaching to transform her clients from being "a mess and under stress... to feeling awesome"  as her tagline says. 

As I pulled my trusty stead Ru the Subaru up to the parking meter on Commercial Street and fed the meter some quarters, I inhaled deeply the salt air.  Gulls laughed as they dipped down to the bay, and the sunshine sparkled on the waves.  I looked over at the coffee shop "Crema" which was our rendezvous, and wondered how hard it would be to twist Jennie's arm to get our coffees to go and sit out on a park bench to soak up the sun.  Apparently, not hard at all, Jennie is a Yoga instructor, and very flexible.  Her face lit up when I mentioned the suggestion, and we stood in line at the coffee counter getting caught up with each other.  She is newly wed, and I am newly engaged - so exciting, stressful, and wonderful at the same time.  It felt good to be in the company with a fellow businesswoman who "got it."  ... Come to find out, Jennie lends an empathetic ear quite easily about any subject, and is very easy to talk with. 

At the counter, Jennie ordered a cup of "Wisdom Woman" tea.... and even though this is "Coffee with the Masters", I ordered the same, and found it very suiting we would have "Tea with the Wise Women" instead.  We walked out into the May sun, and noted a cool breeze coming in off the bay.  Once we settled in on a park bench we made no hesitation on chatting... the hour we had on the meters ticked by quickly... she is such a joy to be in company with - I don't know about her, but my stress of the day was instantly gone as she told me about the exciting new ventures she has going on at Blossom.

"I've always played a coaching role with my clients - I need to know where they are when I give them a massage, and I bring them to a place they need to be...., but it got so I was doing more and more talking during massage, rather than them just receiving the massage - so I decided to offer the coaching as a separate service, so they can come receive the massage, and I can hold them in their space."  she gestured with her hands as she spoke, placing her hands to her heart when saying "hold them" and smoothing the air in front of her gently when she said "receive" ... I noted how beautiful and comforting she was... even though the ocean breeze was kicking up and sending shivers through me, I felt warm when she spoke.

"What brought you to this work, Jennie?"  She looked up to the sky with contemplation and ease, and said "At that time (she went through tragedy and loss) I needed to be touched in a safe way... I just needed to be soothed"  And that is what she provides for her clients - a healing, soothing, touch.

"What are you providing with coaching?" 

"I provide a space for women to give themselves permission to be the divine blessing that they are, how to deeply relax  their body and minds, and how to truly receive the simple pleasures of life."  Jennie explained.

I know by personal and professional experience, that is a recipe for successful health, wellness, and stress relief.  Anything would be possible with that mindset.  Jennie has something amazing to offer here -the combination of coaching, deep relaxation and touch is a powerful catalyst for long lasting mind and body transition.   Awestruck, I almost forgot to ask the most important question of the interview... "Jennie, what are your Keys to Success?" 

Without hesitation she answered "Consistency, Self-Care, and following my heart."  Again, talking through her blue eyes, and gesturing with her hands in a gentle way, that made me want to lean in and learn more... but the wind picked up, and we both realized we needed to go rescue our cars from being ticketed.

We separated at the sidewalk, and I hopped into Ru and warmed up, taking the last few sips of my "Wisdom Woman" tea.  Not sure if it was the tea, the conversation, the sunshine, or the combination of the three... but I felt more enlightened.  Actually... I felt awesome.  Thanks Jennie!  You are certainly a Master of Health, Wellness, and Calming Energy... Namaste!

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